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Beth Sohail, RDH

MyoFunctional Coaching  |  Buteyko and Behavioral Breath Coaching | Sleep Counseling | Certified MyoFunctional therapist AOMT-C

Early in her career as a dental hygienist, Beth Sohail questioned why people relapse orthodontics and damage their teeth and Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with clenching and grinding.

After noticing numerous MyoFunctional and sleep problems with herself, her patients, and her youngest son through dental continuing education starting in 2007, Beth started on a journey that would keep her engaged in finding therapies and treatment solutions to correct these issues and improve the quality of life for hundreds of patients. She is now one of the busiest MyoFunctional Therapists in the Southeast.


Beth graduated from St Petersburg College in 2005 with a degree in Dental Hygiene. She specializes in Periodontics and Airway general/orthodontic dentistry. She took her first intro course for the AOMT (Academy of Orofacial MyoFunctional Therapy) in 2015 again in 2019 and in 2022 and took her first Buteyko course in 2016. Since then, Beth has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education in the subjects of airway disorders, orofacial muscular dysfunction, tongue tie, and breath, and how they affect people from ages 5+ to the elderly. She has the education and the abilities to maneuver and stage the most complex cases. 


Beth can lecture to any size group.

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