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MyoFunctional training is used to treat incorrect patterns of muscle functions used for swallowing, breathing, and chewing.  Correcting these disorders will lead to better, sleep, less anxiety, better orthodontic results, and overall better health.


How long does treatment take?

Active treatment can take 3-6 months, then you are put into maintenance. How long the therapy takes will depend on what needs to be done, what referrals need to be made and the patient’s compliance.

What are your fees?

Each treatment and training program is customized for every patient, so the investment varies. 


My recommendation is to book a free 20-minute phone consultation so we can better assess what your needs and goals are.

Do you take insurance?

At this time, our practice is fee-for-service only and we do not accept insurance. We do have some procedures that have medical codes paid by insurance though, and we’re happy to send you this info so you can check with your particular provider. 


Taking charge of your health journey will require thinking outside the limits of most insurance plans; they’re generally designed for the after-the-fact treatment of disease and not proactive, preventive wellness. 


Our goal as your partner in healing is to keep our prices as affordable as possible.


*If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) or an FSA (Flexible Spending Arrangement) account, we recommend checking  with them. In our experience, most plans will recognize and reimburse for MyoFunctional therapy.

What is breath pattern training?

A process that takes the breath from "fight or flight" to "calm and relaxed". 


We breathe light low and slow. 


Diaphragmatic, nasal breathing only. For better sleep, concentration, school performance, athletic abilities, and less anxiety.

Where can I learn more about MyoFunctional training?

We have a lot of great resources on our resources page. Visit the page here. 

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